Nino Herenda

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Sofware Engineering Student

GoraĹžde, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Hey, I'm Nino

An IT student passionate about blockchain technology. Even this website is hosted fully on-chain! In my free time I like to play chess and further express my creativity through logo designing.

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My Skills

Web Development

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I have a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which enables me to create visually appealing and interactive websites. Also, I'm familiar with Bootstrap, JQuery, Node.js and I'm eager to learn new technologies.

C++ Programming

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C++ programmer with a solid foundation in computer science principles and object-oriented programming principles.

Database Technologies

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Familiar with the basics of Microsoft SQL Server, including writing simple SQL queries and understanding database structure and terminology.

Motoko Programming

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As a blockchain enthusiast, I'm proficient in the fundamentals of the Motoko programming language, with the ability to write basic backend code for decentralized applications on Internet Computer Protocol.

My Projects

Love Tester App

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Caffe Price List

Ada Ustikolina cjenovnik screenshot Ada Ustikolina cjenovnik screenshot

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